Return Of The Blade

I’ve started cutting again. I had gone nearly 4 months without picking up a razor. I’ve cut a few times and am not getting the release I need. It’s like nothing happened. I’ve been super depressed and nothing is helping. New meds are making it worse. So bad I had to go to the hospital a couple weeks ago. The didn’t admit me but probably would have if they had a bed available. Sometimes I feel like I have made no progress at all since my inpatient experience. 

I have however started seeing a new shrink. Not sure if she is a good fit yet. She did give me yet another diagnosis … bipolar disorder with psychotic features. Every time I see a new provider I get a new diagnosis. Apparently I defy categorization. 



  1. I’m not a great example being much older than you probably and still depressed at times, BUT I did stop cutting. I want you to know you are not alone, there’s no shame in feeling what you feel and people care more than you might think when you are down.

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