29 Days on a Pysch Unit 

On Tuesday March 17, suffering from horrible auditory hallucinations and suicidal thoughts, I voluntarily admitted myself to a psychiatric unit at Binghamton General Hospital, where I spent the next 29 days. While hospitalized I was also given a new diagnosis; Schizoaffective Disorder, Bipolar Subtype; which is all the fun of Schizophrenia plus all the fun of Bipolar Disorder. They changed me from antidepressants to mood stabilizers, and gave me a different antipsychotic medication. To ensure I was safe they kept me under close watch to be sure that I was able to do well with the new ones. 
In addition to this, the staff at the hospital worked with me to find me a new home. They placed me in a two bedroom apartment, which I will have to myself, just a couple of blocks from my old apartment. Electric, heat, cable and phone are all covered. I will have access to support staff 24 hours a day. This level of care is considered a step in between living in a group home and living independently. They will stop by every day for the first month to make sure I am doing well and am taking my medication properly. They also bought me two weeks of groceries. 
The downside of the apartment is that it is 75 feet away from Friendly’s, which will not be good for the waistline.
While I was in the hospital for far longer than I had anticipated, I have a new diagnosis, a new treatment plan, new medications, a new home, and most of all, new hope for my immediate future and beyond.
My cell phone has been shut off and I won’t be able to pay the bill anytime soon. I will be able to go online if I am near wifi, so I will check in when possible. 



  1. It sounds like what probably felt like a TERRIBLE thing has turned into a really positive opportunity! I’m relieved for you, and hope things continue going in this direction.

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