As I may have shared in the past my mental health has left me unable to work and I have been out on temporary disability since early September 2015. Yesterday I received an “Extremely Urgent” letter via FedEx. The letter was from my work site’s Human Resources Manager. The letter informed me that my request for additional leave time has been denied on the basis that it “in effect is a request for indefinite leave” and therefore was not a reasonable accommodation under the Americans With Disabilities Act.

I knew it would come eventually, but I wasn’t expecting it to happen so soon. This bit of news has left me without a backup plan, and very few readily available options. I am currently behind on my rent and fear that I will end up homeless again. Today I need to get on a bus an go to the Department of Social Services and beg for assistance. I don’t like being in this position with so much uncertainty. It’s 14 degrees outside and for the first time this winter there is snow on the ground.



  1. Hey, hun. I know I can’t do anything for you other than be here, on the other end of a screen, but please know that I am still here, and still thinking of you every day. Good luck.

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