Anyone who knows me knows that I hate asking for help. A mixture of pride, stubbornness, and an alarmingly frequent inability to recognize when when I am in over my head often makes it difficult for me to ask for, or even admit to myself, that I need help. I am told that I need to speak out more when trouble strikes. So here goes…
I am drowning.
A mixture of depression and anxiety has made it impossible for me to work. I have not worked for over a month now, and subsequently have had no income. I applied for short term disability and have been told I am approved, but have yet to receive a payment. I applied for food stamps, was told I was approved for those as well, but again I have not received anything. The wheels are in motion, but the wait has been excruciating. 
Let me be clear… I am not asking for financial assistance. I am asking for your friendship and support. I am asking for a kind word and a good thought. I am terribly frightened of being alone and being isolated. I am asking you to keep me in you life even if it seems as if I am pulling away from you at the moment. I need to stay in contact with friends and family both near and far. It is far too easy to drift apart at times like this. I value everyone in my life and I hope you value me as well. I really don’t know where I am going with this, but I hope that the underlying meaning is coming through, even if the words are not my clearest.


What Say You?

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