Changing genders at work: Inside the Fortune 500’s quiet transgender revolution

A very interesting article about coming out and transitioning in the workplace.


In early 2011, Ginger Chien sat at her desk at AT&T’s Redmond, Washington office, scrolling through AT&T’s online document library. She doesn’t quite remember what she was looking for. It was something starting with a T.

“It would’ve either been information about AT&T stock [fortune-stock symbol=”T”], since its ticker is T, or it would’ve been this internal collaboration system that we use. It was very routine business stuff,” says Chien, who is a device applications architect at AT&T and has worked for the company for 19 years.

While thumbing through the documents, one entry caught her attention: AT&T’s transgender guidelines.

The 19-page document laid out how an employee would transition genders while on the job, including the steps required to change his or her name. For Chien, 52, who had been presenting as a woman everywhere but at the office for the past five years, it was also a life-changer.

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