Shocked, Saddened, and Stunned

Today it was announced that my alma mater,  a school from which I graduated with high honors and was employed by for over three years is permanently closed. Just like that, an institution that had been around for over 150 years is gone. As I have stated in the past I am still very bitter about how my employment ended, it wasn’t right, and I will feel that way until the day I die.

But I am very proud of what I accomplished as a student. Me, a 40 year old high school dropout, not only succeeding, but excelling in college. I’m proud of my work as a student mentor and president of honor society on campus. Every day I saw lives changing for the better, and saw people achieving things they never imagined were possible. It is something I will cherish for the rest of my days. 

I sit here stunned by the news although I knew it was coming. I feel sorry for the students whose lives are being disrupted. I feel sorry for the faculty and staff who are now unemployed and likely have a tough road ahead finding new work. I feel sorry for my friends who were there until the bitter end. I hope you find peace and stability soon.


What Say You?

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