I started taking Seroquel XR (eXtended Release as a replacement for the same dose of the quick release type) twelve days ago and began taking Brintellix (a new drug intended to treat Major Depressive Disorder) four days ago.

The medication is absolutely kicking my ass.

I’m walking around feeling like a zombie. I work in a call center and fell asleep at my desk on Saturday and was awoken by an incoming call. The following day I tried to plan my caffeine consumption to get me through the day at work. I ended up drinking ten cups of coffee during my shift. I stayed awake but had to pee every forty minutes, which killed my productivity. Yesterday I reduced the coffee to six cups to reduce the number of bathroom trips. It was very slow so I was allowed to leave three hours early. It was a beautiful day the first one over 70 degrees this year and I had hoped to enjoy the beautiful weather. But when I got home around 6:00pm, I laid down on the sofa and slept for 13 hours. Didn’t eat dinner, didn’t take my evening meds, just slept like a rock.

On the plus side I have not heard any voices in eight days now, and the suicidal thoughts have reduced significantly. I have only self harmed once in the last two weeks, a huge improvement over my almost daily cutting. But is it worth it? Is being stable worth feeling like a zombie all the time?



  1. You know, I bet your body will adjust to the new medication after a while, so you won’t feel so tired. I’m glad it seems to be helping you! Medication only ever made my symptoms worse, so I’m dealing with everything without it. I’m glad you have something that helps you.

  2. I used Brintellix for a while & I, too, felt like a zombie. I’m glad it seems to be working for you! The zombie effects will lessen after a while & will be worth it since it is doing some good– just give it time. It’s good to see some progress…

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