I’ve been trying to get my mental and physical health under control for what seems like years now, and feel I haven’t  gotten anywhere; and in many ways my health has worsened. After trying several medications meant to manage depression with little to no success, a couple of weeks ago my doctor prescribed a new mediation called Brintellix that sounded promising. It works differently than other drugs in the SSRI class because it replicates or simulates production of Serotonin (if I understood her explanation correctly). For the last two weeks my doctor has been fighting with my insurance company to get it approved because it is a name brand drug that has no generic equivilent. Today I got an eight page letter from my insurance company explaining all the reasons they were denying my claim. They state that I have not tried enough other medications that are available in generic form. They listed fourteen different medications that I would have to try for a minimum of sixty days each before they would revisit my claim for Brintellix.

Fourteen different medications. So if I am still alive and not institutionalized they might reconsider their decision in July 2017. I have hundreds of cuts on my arms. I’ve called the National Suicide Prevention Hotline (1-800-273-8255)  six times in the last two weeks. I had to beg my doctor to not put me on a 72 hour hold last week. She agreed not to have me held under the condition I see her every Tuesday and call her every Friday until I am able to see a psychiatrist. My insurance company doesn’t seem to think that it is urgent or even relevant. I’m not one hundred percent certain, but I’m pretty sure that this medication would cost them less than a long term hospitalization in a psychiatric facility would.

But not all is bad. My doctor is trying to do something about the physical pain. I have been experiencing random shots of intense pain all over my body for the last three or four years. The last three doctors I brought it up with blew me off as drug seeking (not an entirely irrational conclusion) and did nothing about it. When I went to my doctor this Tuesday for my weekly follow up, I had a shot of pain that doubled me over in her office. She took notice, asked questions, reviewed my symptoms, and offered an opinion. She thinks that there is a possibility that I may have fibromyalgia. She referred me to a rheumatologist for further evaluation before adding anything else to the ten different medications I take on a daily basis.



  1. I am also sorry! I was Rx’d brintellix approximately 2 months ago, I like it a lot!! (just FYI) it is covered through my insurance, however I failed Prozac, celexa, lexapro, amytriptiline, St Johns Wort (even though it’s OTC) & 1 other – I forget the name of. Without insurance it costs approximately $350 for 30, that’s total bullshit! Pharmaceutical companies = $$$, it should be illegal! Again, in really sorry! Good luck for a quick solution! 😦

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