Should I Reveal The Truth?

I’m torn at the moment. My symptoms are starting to show up when I am at work. The voices are becoming louder and more frequent and it is difficult to hide the discomfort they cause.  I have a difficult time concentrating and following directions. On top of all that, my tremors are becoming noticeable to people at work. I’ve had three people mention it so far.  I worry that my erratic behavior could result in being disciplined or even fired. There is the possibility that if I reveal my mental health issues that I would be protected under the “reasonable accommodations” section of the Americans With Disabilities Act. But then there is also the possibility that I could be let go because I could be considered a danger to myself and others.



    1. I think that the most distressing thing about the tremors is that it is impacting my typing speeds and accuracy. I was hired in part because my resume stated I could type 65 words a minute. I’m having a hard time even hitting 25 wpm now.

      1. I taught third grade and had trouble writing on the overhead projector. I also cannot fill out forms in the doctors office, etc. And forget signing a check. It sucks bad. I really understand. I do.

  1. I’m sorry you’re having a hard time. I would suggest a level of disclosure to only your supervisor. Only reveal what is absolutely necessary, mainly because if you don’t want them to be an intimate part of your life they dint need anything more than the basics. I’ve used this limited disclosure and it worked for me in each situation. The one I was taking time off every week for therapy. The other I was in the hospital (all I told my supervisor was that I was in the hospital, I got a doctor’s note but was never asked for it). These were in two separate jobs.

    I really hope this helped, and that you feel better soon. You can always talk to me!

    1. I had applied for disability when I was released from the hospital last summer and was denied. When I was denied I figured that being around people and doing something other than sitting around watching Netflix all day would be better for my overall health. I know working would be hard, but I don’t count on working being this difficult.

      I’ve considered talking with my supervisor, but at this point I just don’t trust her. She has no warmth or empathy. Whenever I have tried to talk to her about other issues, she acts like she is reading from a script. If I ask a question about how to do something she answers with “What do you think you should do?” and it feels like I’m being given a puzzle to solve.

      I see a new psychiatrist at the end of the month. If I can get a more definitive diagnosis I think I will explore my options from there.

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