Real Life is Scary Sometimes

On my way home from work tonight the bus stopped at the corner to let passengers including one man in a wheel chair off the bus. As the driver was lowering the wheelchair ramp, this young kid probably 14 or 15 tries rushing onto the bus and starts to shout at one of the passengers. Before he could board the driver put the ramp in an upright position to block the kid.

The kid then pulls a gun from his pocket and screams “I’m gonna pop your ass” then takes off running up the street. The driver shut the doors and called for the police. While we were waiting the police to come the kid that the kid with the gun was yelling at starts shouting that he wants off the bus. The driver told him no, we had to wait for the police. The kid starts yelling that it isn’t his fault the driver called the police and started getting in the driver’s face. The kid’s girlfriend pulled him back and reminded the kid that verbally abusing the driver could be considered assault and assaulting a bus driver is a felony in New York State. She finally got through to him by saying “do you really want to catch a strike for yelling at a bus driver?”.

Meanwhile while all of this chaos was unfolding a guy comes from the back of the bus and sits down next to me and starts hitting on me, I got off the bus and the guy starts to follow me asking if he could take me home. I told him no and told him to back off. I walked to my apartment building and ran up to the third floor just to be sure I wasn’t still being followed before proceeding to my basement apartment.

I want a drink so badly. I want several. I want to drink until I am unconscious. I want to forget this night ever happened. I’ve been clean 279 days or 9 months and two days. I want to throw it all away and forget.


What Say You?

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