Bloodied But Still In The Fight

It has never been if. It has always been when. The demons won.

That was the status I posted on Facebook two nights ago. It was my way of saying goodbye. I poured the tablets into a cup got myself a glass of water, and put one of my favorite pieces of music: Piano Sonata Number 14 in C Sharp minor “Moonlight”.I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.

Suddenly there was a deluge of text messages from people checking to see if I was ok. Not from people I correspond with on a regular basis, but people I communicate with once or twice a year. My ex-wife, a former co-worker and supervisor, a person whom I’ve never met face to face but a person who once liked a comment I made on a mutual friend’s profile.

Instead of taking the tablets I called the Suicide Hotline for the second time that day. Somehow the person who hates me more than anyone else on this planet – my ex-wife stopped me from taking my life.


One comment

  1. I would have, too, if I had your phone number. People love you. You are loved. That is probably the easiest thing to forget.

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