Advice For America From Parents Who Support Their Transgender Kids

Forty-one percent of transgender or gender nonconforming people attempt suicide, compared to only 1.6% of the general population, according a 2011 survey by the National Center for Transgender Equality.

This is an excellent piece written by Dominic Holden that appeared on Buzzfeed on January 9, 2015, discussing how parents can be supportive of their gender variant children. Parents are supposed the foundation of a child’s upbringing; giving love, support, and most importantly, safety. Unfortunately far too often parents become their children’s “first bully” as Mary Moss says in the article. LGBT youth make up an alarmingly high percentage of the homeless population. I am a transgendered woman who lived through the horrors of addiction and homelessness at the age of 45. I did sex work just so I could survive. I am most likely scarred for life from the experience. I can’t imagine how traumatic it is for a young person who is not only trying to come to terms with their sexual or gender identities, but are trying to find where they fit into life in general.


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