Awkward Part 2

At work today we somehow got on the topic of ear pain. I mentioned that I have frequent ear pain  because I have Neurofibromatosis which is benign tumors growing on the cranial nerves inside my neck and her the base of my brain. A coworker asked why I did not have them removed and I explained that I had surgery about 20 years ago, and during that surgery they biopsied one of the tumors. The biopsy did substantial damage to the nerves that control my tongue, my vocal cords and the left side of my face. I had to go through over 6 months of speech therapy to learn how to speak again (this is all true). She looked at me and asked “Is that why your voice sounds they way it does?”

I just nodded my head in agreement and thought to myself “I have a plausible reason for why my voice is so deep. They have absolutely no idea that I am transexual”.


What Say You?

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