On this day of giving thanks I have much to be thankful for…

I am thankful for my sobriety. I am thankful for employment. I am thankful for food. I am thankful for shelter. I am thankful for family. I am thankful for friends.

I am thankful for the generosity of others; both friends and strangers near and far. I am here today because of the kindness and generosity of others. I can’t possibly thank everyone that has helped me through the my journey, but I do want to mention a few by name.

I am thankful for my friend B.H. and the staff at the GHC in Sacramento for maintaining a community center that has given hope to countless people including myself. I am thankful for my friend K.B. who I hadn’t seen in over ten years, yet she opened her home to me and let me stay far longer than she had initially agreed to. I am thankful for my friend B.B. whom I’ve never met in person, yet she was kind enough to help purchase a pre-paid cell phone so I was able to be contacted while I was searching for work. I am thankful for my friend L.Z.; one of my biggest supporters and cheerleaders. L.Z. conceived and executed a plan that got me off the streets and brought me back to New York. This fresh start has allowed me to stabilize and begin to move forward. I know she did not do it alone, she enlisted financial help from several other people who I will likely never meet. There are several other people I need to thank, and will use means other than Facebook to do so.

In the past I took many things for granted. I always assumed that I would always have an income, transportation, food, and shelter. I spent money on what I wanted when I wanted it without any regard for the future. I was always looking for something better and more of everything. I took friends and family for granted. Today I am a different person. I am thankful for everyone in my life and everything I have.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone near and far. Stay safe.


One comment

  1. Oh the wonders of gratitude.
    Your post gave me joy because your gratitude is apparent in your message.
    Stay focused and watch the world continue to blossom for you.
    Wishing you a wonderful day.

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