A Change In Fortune

I can’t believe it… After being out of work for 391 days and applying for nearly 400 jobs, I was offered and accepted a full time job yesterday. I will be working as a customer service representative for the local Cable TV provider. The pay is not great, but decent. The benefits include health insurance, 401k, and free cable and internet service. If I pass the background check and drug screen I will start work on November 17, which happens to be my 46th birthday, and my six month clean and sober date. Of course nothing in my life can go smoothly, for every good thing that happens something bad immediately follows. Two hours after I accepted the position I was told that I need to leave the place I am staying by November 9. This is a hard deadline and is not negotiable. For my own well being I need to be out of that house as soon as possible. So close to self sustenance, but so far.  I will have the resources to support myself and live on my own soon, but not soon enough to meet this deadline. I figure that I should be able to afford an apartment 4-6 weeks after starting the job. That leaves me with no place to go for about 8 weeks. I can’t live on the streets here like I did in California, it is too damn cold. The panic begins.



    1. I’m looking into that. Unfortunately I do not own a car and busses do not run late enough to get me to and from during the shift I will be working. Being new the area, I am not sure where any of the shelters are located. I can Google them, but I am not familiar enough with the area for it to be much help.

  1. THIS IS AMAZING NEWS. It is news worthy of capital letters. Congratulations to you. Don’t panic; breathe. Things are worth breathing for.

    1. Thank you. There are a couple of apartment complexes within walking distance of where I will be working. If I can convince me to float me a month’s rent based just on my good looks I will be fine. 😛

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