I Never Saw it Coming

I never saw it coming.

She seemed so happy.

I never would have guessed she was this depressed.

I’m shocked.

She had so much to live for.

These are many of the things people say when someone they knew takes their own life. Often a person who commits suicide gives dire and frequent warnings. They could be screaming for help, and for some reason others don’t see it. If they do see it, they fail to intervene. This could be for many reasons, they are unsure, they don’t know how, they don’t believe that someone could be that desperate, or simply don’t care enough to intervene.

I have screamed, begged, and pleaded for help and have received none. When the day comes that I depart this world by my own hand, and the people I know in real life say the things listed above, please direct them to my Facebook page or this blog. I’ve been drowning while everyone in my life is too self absorbed or clueless they didn’t throw me a rope when I needed it.


What Say You?

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