Detox Bed

I’m checking into inpatient detox/substance abuse treatment today. I assume they will take my phone, so I’ll see you in 5-28 days



I’m going into inpatient detox, hopefully tomorrow. I have to call in the morning to make sure there is a bed available, which they tell me today that they should. I’m scared.

Am I Drunk Enough?

Six 24oz beers in and I’m seriously considering going out and buying more. I don’t know if I would drink anymore today, but I need to stock up for tomorrow morning.

The Itch

I’m feeling the itch to speak in public. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve given a speech and I feel the need to share. I’ve taken a poll on Facebook and asked if anyone would nominate me to do a TED Talk and if so would anyone care what I have to say?


I arrived at the convenience store at 7:58 and can’t legally buy alcohol until 8:00. I had to wander around for three minutes until I could buy something to drink. I can’t believe it, but my addiction is getting worse.


It’s taken me six bottles of beer and 15 cigarettes to get over my cravings. I’ve had just about enough to get rid of the shakes and am not even close to being drunk. The temperature is currently below zero and I’m seriously considering out and getting more. While I keep thinking things can’t possibly get any worse, I sink to lower and lower depths every day.

Checking In

I haven’t felt much like writing, but wanted to check in and say that I’m safe.