Detox Again

I’m going back into inpatient detox this morning. This time I will follow their after care recommendations. I’ll see you in 7-28 days.



I just threw up from drinking. That’s the first time since the tequila incident of 2008 that cost me a job that I had worked in for over a decade. God I hope I can get a detox bed tomorrow.

Detox Tomorrow?

I just packed a bag and am going into inpatient detox tomorrow if there’s a bed available.

Mania Sucks

I’m super manic today. The health app that connects with my smart watch informs me that I have walked 1.8 miles so far today and I haven’t left my apartment. I know I pace a lot when I’m manic, but I had no idea that I have moved that much.

Have You Ever?

Have you ever been so drunk that you couldn’t figure out how to work a jacket? That’s me today. Time to curl up under a blanket and get some sleep.

The Shakes Part 72

I’ve relapsed and relapsed hard. I’ve had enough this morning to get rid of the shakes and that’s all I intend to drink today. I ordered a guitar yesterday and it should arrive sometime the middle of next week. Once I revive it I want to go back into inpatient treatment. Last time I did it I refused to follow their recommendation for follow up care after I detoxed. My drinking has gotten much worse since the last time I did detox. This time I will accept whatever they recommend. My parents were both severe alcoholics and didn’t stop drinking until they were in their 70s. I’m 50 and I can’t do this for another 20 years.

Happy Birthday

Happy first birthday to my beloved Martin DRS2.