Holy Crap I’m Drunk

My drunk ass decided that Hot Pockets were a good lunch. OMG they were nasty.


Damned If I Do, Damned If I Don’t

If I drink I get sick. If I don’t drink I get sick. What the Fuck am I supposed to do?

I’m Going To Die

I can’t stop drinking despite being on medication that is supposed to stop with cravings. I lost my Medicaid and can’t go back into inpatient. I’m going to die.

The Addict’s Dilemma

I’m going through pretty bad withdrawal this morning, but my stomach hurts too much to actually drink anything. I’ve already chugged half a bottle of Pepto and it’s not helping.

Jumbled Mess

I’m regretting my decision to turn down a rehab bed earlier this week. I haven’t had a drink since I was hospitalized last week but I’m actually considering getting drunk so I can go to the local detox clinic before I go to the rehab place upstate. I’m also considering making a ham sandwich. They have equal weight. My mind is such a jumbled mess.